SoFlo Vegans Podcast: Season 08

Giacomo Marchese, Dani Taylor, Ashland Creek Press, Star Simmons, Alex Lenghel, Chef Robyn Almodovar, Tim James, and Dr. Will Bulsiewicz

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Tim James: Chemical Free Body

Tim James: Chemical Free Body

“It's an inside game”. Tim James is the owner of Chemical Free Body, where his goal is to help people properly manage their diet with detox nutritional products and health coaching. This has become a successful company that encourages people to eat right to feel...

Dani Taylor: Vegan Proteins

Dani Taylor: Vegan Proteins

Dani Taylor, the co-owner of Vegan Proteins and full-time coach, has led the charge in the growth of the vegan community, by implementing her knowledge as well as her experience on how to maintain healthy diets in the vegan and fitness community. For the past 20...

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