Volunteer Program

Are you looking to get involved with your local vegan community? Become a Volunteer and create fun content, attend cool events, and meet new friends.

Free Lolita Protest 2021

Volunteer Benefits

  • Directly help nonprofits, sanctuaries, and local businesses
  • Support making South Florida a global hotspot for veganism
  • Meet new people while getting to work behind the scenes at events
  • Learn new skills and have fun sharing your gifts

SoFlo Vegans Committees

Join a team of volunteers, businesses, experts, and nonprofits while staying current with email newsletters, online meetings, and private gatherings.

NARD 2021

Animal Advocacy

  • Plan campaigns supporting local nonprofits
  • Support with outreach for AR events in the community
  • Create original content to promote the AR movement
  • Host workshops to provide education for the AR community

Heal the Planet Day


  • Design initiatives that promote sustainability
  • Work with local organizations to design campaigns
  • Coordinate with local municipalities to help pass initiatives

Veg Night Out


  • Work with other committees to organize events
  • We are looking for individuals with experience working on events

FTL ArtWalk


  • Provide your marketing gifts to help our organization
  • Capture photos or videos at events to build your portfolio and have a good time
  • Become a producer for SoFlo Vegans programming
  • Create content promoting local vegan restaurants and events as an Explorer

Next Steps

This program is designed for existing SoFlo Vegans members. Be sure to register first before completing this application.

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