November Vegan Potluck

SoFlo Vegan Potlucks put on a monthly event in either Palm Beach or Broward County. It’s a great time to come out and connect with other people who are passionate about the vegan community.

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Join us for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration and Emilia Lujan’s birthday! Emilia is the founder of My Vegan Daily and the CEO & President of MindBody Expo. Everyone is welcome. Please bring $5 Pavilion contribution fee, water bottle, eating utensils, and a Thanksgiving-themed vegan dish to share. SoFlo Vegan Potlucks, SoFlo Vegans, and Emilia Lujan are teaming up to bring to you a wonderful celebration full of delicious fall vegan food and networking with amazing people!

Past Potluck Events

Vegan Menu on Carnival Cruise Line

Vegan Menu on Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Vegan Menu Carnival sponsored us to enjoy their recently released Vegan menu. This vegan menu is rolling out across Carnival’s fleet. There were a few stand out dishes that I would be sure to order as guest. My favorites were the Hamburger Steak, Spaghetti...