Even if you don’t own a hybrid or electric vehicle, there are many ways that you can reduce your vehicle’s carbon footprint. Below, we’ll explain some simple but effective ways car owners can help the environment by choosing eco-friendly tires, engine oil, and even cleaning agents.

Clean Your Car With Eco-Conscious Materials

When washing your car, be aware that the soap may contain harmful chemicals that could damage the environment. Always use biodegradable soaps when cleaning your car inside and out. If you prefer washing your vehicle by hand, try to do so on your lawn or gravel instead of your driveway.

If you wash your car in your driveway, the cleaning detergents’ harmful chemicals, residual oil, and gasoline could go to a storm drain. Clean your car on your lawn if you have one or a grassy field—the soil will soak up the fluid without harming the grass.

Swap Old Tires for Fuel-Efficient Ones

A major way car owners can help the environment is by making their cars as fuel-efficient as possible. One way to improve your car’s fuel economy is by using more fuel-efficient tires with lower rolling resistance.

Some eco-friendly tires are made out of recycled and re-purposed rubber; they’re a positive solution for car owners and the environment. Just take care to properly dispose of your old tires to ensure they get recycled and don’t end up in a landfill.

Use Synthetic Instead of Conventional Engine Oil

The next time you change your oil, choose synthetic engine oil instead of the conventional stuff. Synthetic oil offers many advantages—it boasts better engine protection and greater fuel efficiency, which means a better and longer-running vehicle.

Synthetic oil is better for your car and the environment, so it’s a win-win! Also, consider other eco-friendly fluid options for your car, like biodegradable coolants and non-toxic brake fluids.

Implement Green Driving Habits

Another way car owners can help the environment is by adjusting their driving habits. Carpooling and driving your car only when needed and walking or biking instead are great ways to reduce your car’s carbon emissions output.

Also, drive cautiously—accelerate smoothly and gradually instead of stomping on the gas pedal to preserve your car’s fuel efficiency. Driving conservatively and smoothly is better for the environment and safer for you and your passengers.

There are many more opportunities for drivers to be eco-conscious, but any car owner can make these simple changes with minimal fuss. Keep these strategies in mind to make your car as green as possible!