SoFlo Vegans is all about making South Florida a global hotspot for veganism. This means keeping tabs on how we are ranking in various reports. In just a few days, I’ve seen three reports that put South Florida in the national conversation in a number of different categories. In this article, we will look at these rankings and dissect how this impacts the mission of the SoFlo Vegans organization.

Top Vegan Cities in the US

According to Vita Coast, Miami ranks as the No. 5 vegan city in the country, right behind Los Angles, New York, Portland, and the San Francisco Bay Area. In a report from Forbes, Miami ranked No. 6 behind Portland, Los Angles, San Francisco, Orlando, and Seattle. Once again, Miami ranks No. 6 in a report from WalletHub 10 Best Vegan Cities in the US.

Pedestrian Deaths

According to a report from Smart Growth America, a pedestrian safety organization, the metro area of Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach-Miami ranked 13th among the nation’s most dangerous areas for pedestrians. Between 2010-2019, South Florida had 1,675 deaths. This comes out to 2.8 deaths per 100,000 people. Florida ranked number No. 1 on the list with 5,893 death. People of color, the elderly, and pedestrians in lower-income communities had the highest risk of fatalities.

Most Crowded Cities in US

Miami (No. 5) and Hialeah (No. 13) rank in the top 50 most crowded states in the United States. Miami has 467,963 and Hialeah is estimated at 233,339. Five Florida cities made the cut for 50 least crowded cities including South Florida’s Palm Beach Gardens (No. 24). New York City topped the list of most crowded with Anchorage, Alaska taking the top spot for least crowded. This ranking was created by

What Does This Mean for SoFlo?

We are growing at a rapid pace and with continued construction in Fort Lauderdale and other cities outside of Miami, we will see a mass migration into Palm Beach and Broward County. 

SoFlo Vegans gets to continue collaborating with other organizations around South Florida to build and support communities so we take care of our fellow cities. When we are connected as a community, we will see less reckless behavior behind the wheel, and more care put into the services designed to support vulnerable populations. At least in theory and from experience, this makes the most sense from all of the data shared in this post.

We will continue to monitor South Florida in the public eye and bring it to you in frequent updates in the months to come. Click the link below to discover ways you can support SoFlo Vegans.

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