SoFlo Vegans Unite LIVE on September 24, 2020

Learn about what’s going on in South Florida’s vegan community through interviews and videos. Ask questions about veganism and gain opportunities to win prizes. Guests include Karen Ellis-Ritter, Veronica Green, and James Wildman.

SoFlo Vegans LIVE | Stream
September 24, 2020

SoFlo Vegans LIVE | Promo
Sept 24, 2020

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Alba Mendez joins host Sean Russell to talk about SoFlo Vegans and new happenings within the community. Alba is a vegan nurse and contributor to SoFlo Vegans. She created The Veg Nurse Blog to document and share her experiences as a vegan nurse; to inform and inspire others to focus on their health and the protection of animals and the environment.

Karen Ellis Ritter

A passionate and tireless vegan educator, transition coach, writer, columnist, public speaker, workshop/curriculum developer, intersectional social justice advocate, and an animal rights activist. Karen is sharing her current vegan-inspired project.

Veronica Green

Creator of the Veggie Vero book series. Empowering kids to live consciously and with compassion. Veronica is releasing the latest edition of her children’s book in September and is joining us to talk about it.

James Wildman

A human educator with ARFF (Animal Rights Foundation of Florida). James achieved notoriety back in 2017 for his talk, 101 Reasons to Go Vegan. You can also see a shorter version of his talk. James is answering questions from the audience about going vegan.

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