Mike & Mike’s Desserts

Congratulations to Mike & Mike’s Desserts for making it on to the shelves of all 1400 Publix stores around the country. The company has its roots in Miami but is now located in Lakeland, Florida. This also happens to be the headquarters of Publix Supermarkets. We caught up with co-founder Mike Mitchell outside of a local South Florida Publix store where he shared his story and some advice on how business owners can expand their distribution.

In our interview, Mike share a message of consistency where he fist attempted to scale by reaching out to Circle K convenience store when they first launched. His message is that of consistency and attributes this character trait for their success.

We originally caught up with Mike and his team at Vegan Block Party early in 2023. Along with Badass Vegan John Lewis and Torre Washington, we tried their treats first hand.

If you want to try Mike & Mike’s Desserts for yourself, be sure to visit your local Publix and go to the Carvel freezer case. You will find them at the bottom of the case.


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