Gad Hakimi explains why the vegan flag was created in this SoFlo Vegans Clip. Gad is an animal rights activist and designer that led the team that created the Vegan Flag. He sat down with us to talk about all things veganism during our SoFlo Vegans podcast.

We originally spoke with Gad Hakimi in 2018 and talked about the growing vegan community in Israel. Other topics include his reason for going vegan and how the Vegan Flag came into exisitence. This was a fasciainting conversation that took us into one of the most active vegan communities in the world.

Look for more clips in the months and weeks to come. SoFlo Vegans Clips is our way of showcasing our amazing guests in bite sized portions. The full version of these interviews are on our SoFlo Vegans Podcast and Patreon page.

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