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Sean Russell
Founder & General Manager
SoFlo Vegans.

What’s New in SoFlo?


Top Florida Rankings for March 2021
In line with SoFlo Vegans’ mission to make South Florida a global hotspot for veganism, we’ve compiled a list of national rankings both flattering, and not so flattering.

Tips for Communicating with Family and Friends While Being Vegan
Victoria Moran, Renee King-Sonen, and Susan Hargreaves join Sean Russell on the latest episode of the SoFlo Vegans Podcast.

Inspirational Vegan Women
SoFlo Vegans celebrate several women that are making incredible strides within the vegan community. 

Tips for Communicating with Family and Friends While Being Vegan
Victoria Moran, Renee King-Sonen, and Susan Hargreaves join Sean Russell on the latest episode of the SoFlo Vegans Podcast.

Sonia Terboss: SpaJuiceBar Owner and Cancer Survivor
Learn how Sonia Terboss learned to heal her body through juicing and healthy living.

Elysabeth Alfano: Plant-powered Communications
In this episode, we are excited to have Elysabeth Alfano as our guest. Elysabeth is an award-winning media personality, businesswoman, investor, and culinary artist. 

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Access events, videos, podcasts, directory of vegan businesses, and more on our new mobile app. Available on both Android and Apple devices.

Apply for Local Vegan Jobs
Find available jobs from local vegan and veg-friendly businesses.

Events Calendar Update
Brand new events and a new look for our calendar view.

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Community News

Planta Expands Vegan Empire to 7th Location in Florida
Opening this month, Planta West Palm Beach will serve up vegan coconut ceviche, udon noodles, eggplant lasagna, pizza, and sushi.

Vote for Veg Eats Food
Local vegan business owner Jade Mason reached the Quarter-Finals of the National Favorite Chef competition. Help Veg Eats Food make it to the finals by placing your vote. Everyone who clicks on the FaveChef Link is entered to win a $50 gift certificate from Veg Eats Food this Friday.

National Headlines

This Entrepreneur Aims to Put Chick-Fil-A Out of Business with 100 Vegan Fried Chicken Shops by 2024
Vegan entrepreneur Lucas Bradbury is challenging traditional fried chicken chains with Project Pollo, a mission-driven vegan chicken shop that is set to open 12 locations in 12 months—with up to 100 shops planned by 2024.

Vegan TikTok Videos Have Been Viewed More Than 8 Billion Times
From Lizzo’s vegan takes on McDonald’s chicken sandwiches to Tabitha Brown’s viral vegan carrot bacon recipe, TikTok’s vegan videos have been viewed more than 8 billion times.

Unilever Launches Hourglass’ First Bug-Free Vegan Red Lipstick
Hourglass Cosmetics and parent company Unilever developed a vegan carmine to replace crushed-up bug bodies in its new Red 0 lipstick.


Featured Events

SoFlo Vegans Unite
Wednesday, March 24 | 7 PM – 8 PM
Learn more about SoFlo Vegans and how you can get involved why meeting new people in our community.

SoFlo Vegans at FTL Artwalk
Friday, March 27 | 6 PM – 11 PM
Join us on the last Saturday to connect with the SoFlo Vegans team and see what we are cooking. This month we are featuring vegan samples from Pure Vegan Cakes and VegGone. Also be sure to stop by Leaves & Roots Lounge and BurgerHive after you visit our booth. Leaves & Roots Lounge is offering 15% off your total if you are wearing SoFlo Vegans Gear (Shirt, Mask or Wristband).

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