SoFlo Vegans Unite LIVE on August 20, 2020

SoFlo Vegans Unite returns in 2020 as a monthly digital program. It features voices from the SoFlo Vegans Community and provides our members with important information about events, animal in need of support, vegan businesses and more.

SoFlo Vegans LIVE | Stream
August 20, 2020 | YouTube | Blog

SoFlo Vegans LIVE | Promo
August 20, 2020 | YouTube | Blog

Show Rundown

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Pig Rescue in Lake Worth
Gabby J joins us to talk about the pig rescue going that’s happening in Lake Worth. Thank you to The New Vegan for bringing this to our attention.

New Event in Broward County
Learn about our next SoFlo Vegans EAT event being held in the MASS District area in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. This event features Leaves and Roots Lounge and The Caribe Vegan

Podcast Preview
Watch exclusive video from our interviews with Jane Valez Mitchell from Jane Unchained News and Mic the Vegan.

Industry Showcase
Interview with Paige Parsons Roache, guest relations, and booker for Jane Unchained.

Jacque Tarlton Quick Conversation
Jacque catches up with Sean and talks about what’s been happening in South Florida.

Author Showcase
Sande Nosonowitz talks about her new book, Oblivious a Vegan Memoir.

Business Spotlight
Sira Garib from Pure Vegan Cakes LLC joins us to talk about their delicious desserts. One viewer will win a special gift from Pure Vegan Cakes.

Vegan Q&A
Join nutritionist and one half of the Plant Chics, Jacque Tarlton for any questions you may have about going or staying vegan.

Member Giveaways
Registered members are automatically entered into a drawing for different prizes donated by our community partners. Cupcakes from Pure Vegan Cakes and SoFlo Vegans Gear & Vegan Cupid Tickets

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