If you’re new to using a pizza oven, you might be curious about the variety of foods and recipes you can make with your new appliance. Despite what many people think, you don’t have to use these ovens exclusively for making pizzas. If you need some go-to, vegan-friendly inspiration for your new appliance, try these dishes you can make in your home pizza oven.

Pizza: the Obvious Choice

Obviously, the place to start when it comes to cooking in a pizza oven is the appliance’s namesake. If you haven’t gotten to experiment much with your pizza oven, try starting with a simple vegan pizza recipe. Use your favorite vegan cheese or forgo the cheese entirely. Then, add your favorite veggies and seasonings. Your outdoor oven’s manual will have all the necessary settings and cooking times to bake the perfect pizza.

If you want to go the gluten-free route, try buying or making a cauliflower crust and piling on your favorite toppings. A common complaint about cauliflower crusts is that they’re soggy and unappealing, but a pizza oven can help provide the perfect crispiness.

Plenty of Roasted Vegetables

Roasted vegetables are staple side dishes in many vegan households. Just cook your pan of vegetables in your pizza oven! Pizza ovens can provide a thorough bake and a unique flavor for all kinds of vegetables—even thick varieties, such as eggplants, carrots, and corn.

Flavorful Grill Foods

You can use a pizza oven to cook veggie burgers, tofu, and other ingredients the same way you would on the grill. However, a pizza oven lets you do it without the mess! With the right pizza oven maintenance tips, they are much easier to clean than your average grill, which is why they make an excellent backyard addition to any home. Cook up your favorite veggie burger, vegan kebabs, and more with less cleanup afterward. You can also use portobello mushrooms as veggie patty alternatives if you can’t find a veggie burger you love.

Your Favorite Bread Recipe

You might be surprised to hear that you can bake bread in your outdoor pizza oven, but it’s the truth. In fact, these appliances provide the perfect space to cook your favorite breads evenly. Add your favorite vegan cheeses and seasonings, and you can create delicious garlic bread for a tasty, Italian-inspired side dish.

Now that you know some of the best vegan dishes to make in your outdoor pizza oven, you can try out your cooking skills with confidence and inspiration. Here at SoFlo Vegans, we encourage our readers to try out delicious dishes with new equipment like this. For all things vegan, browse our array of articles and get connected with the South Florida vegan community!