Vegan Brands in South Florida

Are you looking to support vegan brands in South Florida? We’ve spotted three brands that have collaborated with SoFlo Vegans. You can find the following items in your local Publix or Whole Foods. View our directory to find other vegan brands and restaurants. These brands include Tiger Seed, Greenthumb Popcorn, Jennifer’s Homemade, and Min’s Matcha. We’ve had the honor of working with these brands since launching back in 2017.

Tiger Seed

The mission of Tiger Seed is to provide people with healthier beverage options in the neighborhoods where they live, work, and play.

Min’s Matcha

Hazmin and Jason Flynt are the founders of Min’s Matcha, a ready-to-drink healthy beverage that is lightly sweetened and is made locally in Clearwater, Florida with all-natural ingredients.

Jennifer’s Homemade

Jennifer’s Homemade creates products people love out of passion and inspiration with integrity and quality, so they can enjoy them as much as we enjoy creating them. Jennifer’s Homemade has been featured in Food & Wine and Gourmet Magazines, The New York Times, The Miami Herald, The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch, The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer on CNN, National Public Radio, an American Express OPEN small business print advertising campaign and Jennifer baked with Martha Stewart on MARTHA, The Martha Stewart Show.

Greenthumb Popcorn

Greenthumb Popcorn makes delicious and super nutritious popcorn because they believe in clean ingredients and consuming minimally processed foods. Each element brings great taste and satiates cravings for some delicious food on the go. ​ You can find them in any Whole Foods store in Florida and many smaller stores. You can also order online! 5% of profits go to community organizations building gardens for low-income families. 


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