Vegan Health and Fitness Expo 2023

Fort Lauderdale, Florida: On April 15, 2023, the Vegan Health and Fitness Expo will be hosted at Broward County Convention Center. 

Clean Machine and SoFlo Vegans present The Vegan Health and Fitness EXPO (VHFE). We celebrate a healthy, fit Vegan lifestyle that benefits humans, animals, and the environment. With over 50 vendors of Vegan supplements, clothing, activities, speakers, delicious Vegan food samples, and the first and only 100% Vegan, Natural Bodybuilding Competition in the world, the VHFE will be a first of its kind emersion into a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle.

The Vegan Health & Fitness Expo also features the World’s first All-Vegan, Natural Bodybuilding Competition. With an emphasis on Fitness, Diet, and Nutrition, supplement brands and food vendors unite to showcase how the plant-based health & fitness market has expanded to embrace almost every segment of the population.

This event breaks the misconception of not being able to build muscle if you go Vegan. People wonder how it is possible to build muscle on a plant-based diet. Fun fact, all protein comes from plants. 

VHF Expo features the world’s only all-vegan natural bodybuilding competition with contestants who build muscle without harming animals and solely using plants. It’s incredible to see how far this movement has come to have a completely 100% vegan bodybuilding competition, and it only gets better here.

The expo hosts about 2500 visitors on site and can be streamed online. It includes over 100 competitors and 40+ vendors from food to clothing. Attendees will get the opportunity to meet plant-based doctors, celebrities, champion vegan athletes, and health & fitness experts.

The event is here to showcase how the vegan lifestyle can be a healthy one and benefit animals and the planet. Previous contestant Jamal Collins says, “…If it helps me inspire more people to actually consider veganism. I think that would be great.”

If you’re looking to learn about and try new Vegan food options or learn ways to take your fitness journey to the next level, the 2023 VHF expo is the place to be. Years from now, when you think of Health and Fitness, you’ll have an empowering experience to motivate you toward a Healthy, Fit Vegan Lifestyle.


Early-bird Tickets are Available Until December 31, 2022

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About VHF Expo
Clean Machine and SoFlo Vegans present The Vegan Health and Fitness EXPO. We showcase that the Vegan lifestyle is a healthy one, improves performance, and is beneficial for not only humans but animals and the planet: free goodie bags and interactive exhibits for everyone. Try Vegan Nutrition products and delicious Vegan Food samples.