Football season is here and we’re looking forward to the tackles, touchdowns, and especially the tailgate parties! Kick off the season with all the practical gear you need to celebrate your team this fall. Below we share some tailgate essentials and go-to gear guaranteed to keep you and your crew happy and comfortable throughout the game. By the end of this article, we hope we’ve been able to prepare you enough for our vegan tailgate party with The Miami Dolphins on 10/24, click the link below for more details!

team apparel tailgate essentials

Team Apparel

Can’t forget to represent your favorite team!

canopy tailgate essentials

A Canopy

Having a canopy will help you stay cool and out of the sun or rain. Having weights, bungee cords, rope and duct tape can help keep your canopy on the ground, especially if it’s windy out!

table chairs tailgate essentials

Table and Chairs

You’ll need a table to serve and eat your food, along with chairs to lounge on!

cooler tailgate essentials

Coolers with Ice

We recommend you have two coolers filled with ice or ice packs. One cooler will be used for food, and the other for drinks. Don’t forget to pack water!

first aid tailgate essentials

Mini First Aid Kit

You never know when you’ll get a boo boo, better safe than sorry!

grill tools tailgate essentials


You’ll need a grill to cook up your favorite vegan burgers, vegan hot dogs, and veggies! Depending on what type of grill you have, you’ll need to to fire it up, so bring your lighter fluid, lighters, charcoal, propane, etc. Grilling tools are are important, so bring your spatulas and tongs. Pot holders and mittens are a must, too!

plates tailgate essentials

Plates and Eating Utensils

Bring along some plates and utensils, along with napkins! You’ll need serving utensils, too. To be earth-friendly, you can switch disposables for reusable plates and utensils, OR paper plates!

cleanup tailgate essentials

Clean Up and Leftovers

You’ll need plastic containers and/or aluminum foil to store your leftovers. Paper towels, wet wipes hand sanitizer and garbage bags will help for clean up time.

games tailgate essentials

Games and Entertainment

Bring along some tailgating games to enjoy with your family and friends. Playing cards, a football, and a frisbee might be a good idea. Music will make your time even more enjoyable, so bring along a speaker to play your favorite tunes!

weather gear tailgate essentials

For The Weather

Just in case, bring some rain gear or a poncho, you never know if it’ll start raining. Sunscreen and sunglasses are great to protect yourself from those hot Floria rays. There’s nothing worse than having a sun burn or an uneven tan! So having some aloe vera gel will help if you’ve got some burns. 

blanket tailgate essentials


To get even more comfortable, bring along some floor blankets and seat cushions. 

bug repellent tailgate essentials

Bug Repellent

Bugs are lurking around everywhere, especially out here in SoFlo! Bring along some bug spray, mosquito candles, bug clips, or mosquito bracelets to protect your skin from those annoying blood suckers!

Miami Dolphins

SoFlo Vegans Tailgate with The Miami Dolphins

SoFlo Vegans is teaming with the Miami Dolphins to host the first vegan tailgate in South Florida on October 24th, 2021. Bring your favorite vegan meal or snack to have before the game. SoFlo Vegans will be set up with some fun games and giveaways. Then enjoy watching the Dolphins play against the Atlanta Falcons at Hard Rock Stadium. Click here for event details!