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Welcome back to another episode of the SoFlo Vegans Podcast. I’m your host and founder of SoFlo Vegans, Sean Russell. In this episode, we speak with Brendan Fitzgerald and Carly Bergman from the Sustainable Duo about Zero-Waste, permaculture, horticulture, growing your own food, pet care, CBD and hemp. So with that being said, enjoy our conversation with Brendan and Carly from the Sustainable Duo on the SoFlo Vegans Podcast.



  • How they got started in sustainability and growing their own food.
  • Zero-Waste meaning.
  • The difficult part of transitioning to this type of lifestyle.
  • Correlation between thrifting and zero waste.
  • Struggles going Zero Waste and how to adopt a positive mindset.
  • Conscious swaps in Miami.
  • Growing your own food.
  • Permaculture and self-sustaining food forests.
  • Tips for growing in your apartment.
  • South Florida Gardening group.
  • Horticulture breakdown.
  • The controversy of using fish fertilizer in horticulture.
  • Pet Care and Zero-Waste.
  • Fresh Patch Grass for dogs and proper disposal of waste.
  • Ideas for food for vegan dogs.
  • 50 Resolutions for a Sustainable New Year.
  • Growing Hemp and CBD.
  • Find everything to get your sustainable journey off right on Sustainable Duo.

About Sustainable Duo

Carly Bergman and Brenden Fitzgerald are two young entrepreneurs on a mission to help people decrease their carbon footprint through sustainable living.


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