American Ninja Warrior contestant and SoFlo Vegan, Calle Alexander shares his experience being on three seasons of the NBC hit show and what it’s like to be a vegan athlete.

Calle Alexander from American Ninja Warrior

Vegan Headlines

  • Doctors Teach Vegan Nutrition at 11 Medical Schools in India
    • Plant-based physicians from Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM)  are currently on a mission to visit 11 medical schools in India as part of its Physicians Committee Kickstart India initiative.
    • They are teaching prospective doctors about the preventive and curative properties of a plant-based diet in combating obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.
    • Diagnosed cases are projected to reach 145 million people in India by 2045.
    • In 2016, PCRM opened a groundbreaking all-vegan medical facility, Barnard Medical Center, in Washington, DC for the purpose of promoting a plant-based diet for the treatment and prevention of common illnesses.
  • Two-Thirds of Americans Would Eat Clean Meat
    • Two in three adults in the United States are interested in trying clean meat, according to a new report compiled by research firm Faunalytics.
    • They surveyed a representative group of 1,185 adults and found that 46 percent would regularly but it, and 40 percent were willing to pay more.
    • When primed with the prompts that clean meats are real meat, free of antibiotics and hormones and made without the need to raise and slaughter farm animals, 64% agreed it was a positive innovation and 73 percent believed it to be more environmentally friendly.
    • Companies around the world are working to debut their first clean-meat products as early as this year. This includes Europe’s Mosa Meat, California’s JUST and Memphis Meats, and Israel’s SuperMeat and Future Meat Technologies.
  • Germany Crowned World’s Top Vegan Food Producer
    • The country narrowly beat out the United Kingdom by 1 percent, while the United States came in third at 12%.
    • Market research firm Mintel named Germany the top vegan food producer of the year.
    • Measured the number of vegan products (including both food and beverage categories) launched between July 2017 and June 2018.
  • Vegan Food Sales Surpass $3.3 Billion in 12 Months
    • Plant-based food sales grew by 20 percent last year, 10 times faster than all other food categories.
    • Plant-based meat increased by 24 percent, cheese 43 percent and yogurt 55%
    • Plant-based food sales up by 20 percent since last June, as compared to only a 2 percent increase in sales across other retail categories such as refrigerated, deli, grocery, dairy, meat, produce

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SoFlo Vegans News

  • Discount Card Program
    • Pre-orders for the  2019 cards are now available for $30. You get the 2018 Card and will be able to pick up the 2019 when they are available in September.
    • Business Registration is now $50, but lasts as long as our partners provide a discount for cardholders.
    • Partners get promotion to over 45,000 South Floridians each month.
    • Cardholders get up to 20% off their purchase at some of their favorite South Florida vegan businesses.
  • SoFlo Vegans Unite
    • First time holding the event at Vegan Fine Foods
    • Speakers will discuss the topics of Health and Vitality
    • Free to attend the event
    • Food sponsors will be providing food samples
    • The store will be open for business, so enjoy a bite from their hot bar or any item on their shelf.
    • Discount Cards will be on sale, so you can enjoy 10% off your purchase during the event.
    • Speakers will be announced leading up to the event.
  • SoFlo Vegans Speak
    • We are returning to Nutrition Smart in Pembroke Pines on Tuesday, August 28 from 6:30 to 8:30. Expect to see cooking demonstrations and learn about vegan nutrition and food preparation.

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