You will often see people buying produce at the local grocery store in mesh bags—for a good reason! Mesh is designed explicitly for foods like produce. It stores large quantities, keeps the food safe, and allows it to breathe, among other attributes. Here are the reasons mesh is ideal for storing produce so you’ll know how to use it in the future.

It Breathes and Stretches Well

One quality that makes mesh bags so adept at storing produce is their elasticity. Fruits and vegetables can be hard to carry in large numbers, and mesh stretches as you fill the bag. This allows it to store more, and the produce won’t be crowded or squeezed. Because it has many holes throughout, it also aerates well and keeps your fruits and veggies from spoiling.

Made With Durable and Natural Fibers

The best mesh bags are usually made from natural fibers like cotton. This fiber is wound tightly to create the same durability you would get with something like denim or rope. Because of their durability, you can be confident that your mesh produce bag will store your items safely. Synthetic mesh bags could cut into your produce and even cause bruising, so it’s always a good idea to go with natural fiber mesh bags when you can.

Machine Washable for Reuse

Mesh is natural, so caring for your mesh bags is easy. And you can reuse it, so it’s also eco-friendly. Whenever you shop with mesh bags, you will benefit the environment by not using paper or plastic at checkout. Using mesh bags every time will make a difference throughout your lifetime. You can reuse them trip after trip instead of throwing them away after one use like plastic and paper bags.

These are the reasons mesh is ideal for storing produce and why you should use them. They’re a great item to bring while grocery shopping!

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