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SoFlo Vegans Podcast is the flagship show of our network. It features a global list of experts that share their vegan origin stories and address topics important to the community.

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Why Podcasting?

Podcasts make the perfect long-term investment. It’s the only medium that allows its audience to multitask on long commutes, on the job, or while exercising. As we continue to build our community, so will your investment and audience hearing about your brand. The earlier you become a sponsor, the greater return you can expect to see over time.

    Sponsorship Examples

    Hungry Harvest | Chris Burnam

    Hodo Foods | Mic the Vegan

    Hodo Foods | Marco Antonio Regil
    Podcast Sponsorship Pricing
    • (1) Episode = $250
    • (2) Episode = $500
    • (3) Episode = $750
    • (4) Episode = $1,000
    • (5) Episode = $1,500

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