Veggie Vero

Veggie Vero

Since 2016, author Veronica Green has been making her mark in South Florida by publishing children’s books that cater to the growing vegan community. After adapting a completely plant based diet, Veronica felt compelled to share the benefits of this lifestyle with others. 

She decided to combine her lifelong passion of writing with her newfound passion of veganism. Her book series, The Adventures of Veggie Vero, is about a superhero who rescues animals and teaches children about conscious living. “Conscious living”, says Veronica, “is about being aware of how our daily choices affect the natural world and making a conscious effort to reduce our ecological footprint.

Eliminating animal products from our diet is actually the quickest way to reduce that footprint.” Veronica includes a recipe at the end of each book and encourages families to explore the plant-based versions of their favorite meals. Veronica’s mission is to empower children with knowledge and inspire a generation of compassionate humans. She says “Children are the future, plain and simple. We cannot accurately envision a kind and sustainable future while still feeding our children the byproducts of pain and suffering.” Signed copies of Veronica’s books are available for purchase at VeggieVero.com

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