For vegetarians and vegans, growing their own vegetables is both an enjoyable hobby and a good way to save money on groceries. While many growers may have a gardening bed in the yard for summertime growing, have you considered the potential a greenhouse would have? Let us share with you the major benefits of growing vegetables in a greenhouse so you can consider if the investment is right for you.

Greater Control Over Conditions

A greenhouse is valuable because it provides an environment you have complete control over. No longer do you have to depend on the weather’s temperament to achieve the best results. Instead, you can adjust your greenhouse’s conditions to be ideal for the vegetables you’re growing. Different plants have different needs, so the ability to provide each species with its preferred conditions is invaluable. For instance, you can choose the right lighting for your greenhouse to stimulate optimal growth for a variety of plants in one space. Outdoors, you cannot do this.

Extended Growing Seasons

Naturally, because you control your plants’ environment, you can extend your growing season to be year round rather than just when the weather allows. Regardless, growing may still be more difficult in the winter, as natural lighting is limited. However, as we mentioned, artificial lighting substitutes can compensate for the lack of natural light.

Protection From Pests and Diseases

The last major benefit of growing vegetables in a greenhouse is superior protection. The greenhouse shelter is a barrier that keeps pests and diseases out of your greenhouse. This greatly reduces the chance of harm coming to your plants. You just need to be cautious so you yourself don’t accidentally introduce pests and diseases into your greenhouse. For example, always grow your plants from seeds rather than introduce cuttings. Cuttings may have been exposed to pests or diseases that will then spread to the rest of your plants.

Whether you enjoy cultivating vegetables as a hobby or as a way to be self-sustaining, a greenhouse is a great way to improve the food you grow all year round. With plenty of modular kits available, it’s never been easier to purchase and construct a greenhouse in your yard. SoFlo Vegans encourages you to find your ideal greenhouse today!