Jonny Juicer

Welcome back to season 3 of our show. Jonny Juicer joins us for our season premiere where we talk about how he got into juicing, recommendations on how you can get started, controversies, his co-star Noah and tips on building your brand.

We’re also excited to announce Balance for Life Florida as a sponsor for this episode. We recorded our conversation with Jonny at their Plant-Based Paradise Retreat. Balance for Life Florida offers Water-Only Fasting, Juice Cleanses, and Plant-Based Meal Programs at the ocean-front Wyndham Deerfield Beach Resort. Be sure to use code SOFLO at checkout to save money for your stay. Visit Balance for Life Florida for more details. 

Joining me as co-host for this episode is our Media Coordinator, Alba Mendez. 

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Topics Discussed with Jonny Juicer

  • Started juicing in 2012
  • Suffered from health issues as a child
  • Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
  • Comes from Chicago, Illinois
  • Italian Heritage
  • Breville Elite Juicer
  • Joe Cross and Dr. Joel Furhman Juice Cleanse
  • March 2013 saw Forks Over Knives and decided to go Vegetarian
  • Earthlings made him go vegan for ethical reasons
  • 100% raw since 2013
  • Miami Juice
  • Goes over daily routine when he is on the road
  • E3Live AFA Frozen Blue-Green Algae 6-Pack
  • Redefining Fast Food
  • The hardest parts of being on a raw diet
  • Clean out the crap in your body to realize that you can
  • Recipe for his favorite juices
  • Eat Drink Vegan 
  • Dandelion, Sea Moss, Spirulina
  • Jonny Juicer’s video on Sea Moss
  • Viktoras Kulvinskas from Hippocrates Institute
  • Fully Raw Christina
  • Zoodle Pasta with Zucchini Noodles
  • Miami Fruit
  • 21 Day Reboot with Ahimsa Healers
  • Recommended Kitchen Appliances: Dehydrator, Water Distiller, Juicer and Vitamix, and Fruit Rack
  • Gersen Institute supports juicing
  • Juicing is a real-life multi-vitamin
  • Possible motivations for people coming in and out of veganism
  • Talks about his fur friend, Noah
  • Rescued at 6 months and transitioned him into vegan since 2014
  • Dom Thompson and Scruff McFly is another amazing duo
  • Criticism of having a vegan dog
  • What I feed my vegan dog video on Youtube
  • Coyote swoop up little dogs and are all over in Chicago
  • Bramble the vegan dog that lived up to 22 human years
  • Jonny Juicer talks about what he feeds Noah.
  • Best practices for building a brand. 
  • Inspiring stories about his family and the vegan lifestyle.

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