Higher Frequency 1111 Finale Event

Congratulations to @gogreenfashionista for an amazing 1111 Finale event. The vibes were high all night, with musical performances from several talented musicians.


Shout out to my good friend @elisa630 for making her Miami return and providing support for the night.

Higher Frequency is a gathering on September 11th – celebrating the energy of master number 11. The expression of local artists through music, dance, art, poetry, and original performances will magnify the experience. Vibrate together in a night of oneness alongside positive free spirits while capturing the frequency with us by transmuting, transforming, and transmitting higher vibrations through soul-captivating performances. South Florida’s most inspired musicians and poetically inclined artists will take to the mic to communicate, share & and In-lighten. Art visuals, holistic vendors, and plant-based food for the SOUL will also be in place. This event allows guests to explore a psyche enhancement experience through artistic expressions, international sounds, and wisdom, fitting for open minds.

Check out the video below for my experience.

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