Geoff Palmer

Welcome back to another episode of the SoFlo Vegans Podcast. I’m your host and founder of SoFlo Vegans, Sean Russell. In this episode, we speak with Geoff Palmer, founder, and CEO of Clean Machine… Also returning as co-host is our Media Coordinator, Alba Mendez. 

In this episode, we discuss…

Geoff’s 35-year journey as a vegan, B12 and why it’s important to nutrition and health, exciting research further supporting the advantages of a plant-based diet and some common misconception regarding protein and other areas of veganism.

Topics Discussed with Geoff Palmer

  • Vegan journey 35 yrs as a vegan
  • What is Clean Machine?
  • B12 and why it is important in nutrition and health
  • The research behind this aquatic Lentein AKA Duckweed/bayroot
  • How you got involved in the research
  • Properties of this aquatic Lentein (proteins, omegas, etc.)
  • What is Lentein?
  • How ill it revolutionize the B12 market
  • How to consume it?

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