The estimate is that nearly 3/4ths of adults in the United States drink coffee every single day. Many people rely on this bitter, caffeinated beverage to help them put a spring in their step in the morning! However, there’s so much more to coffee than you may realize. Here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about coffee beans.

Discovered by a Goat Herder

The origin of coffee seems to date back to Ethiopia in the 15th century, and we owe it all to some curious and hyperactive goats. A shepherd named Kaldi stumbled upon a bush full of strange berries and noticed that the goats that ate the berries seemed more energetic and hyperactive. Kaldi explained what happened, and nearby monks began brewing the berries into a beverage that helped them stay alert throughout prayer.

Contains Natural Chemicals

Certain people become confused, wary, or even agitated at the thought of certain chemicals being in their food, but many of these chemicals occur naturally. In fact, one of the most common appearances of formaldehyde, a substance most of us don’t associate with food, occurs naturally in coffee beans. Aside from caffeine and formaldehyde, most coffee beans contain thiamin, xanthine, and chlorogenic acids that are all safe for human consumption.

American-Made Coffee

One fun fact you probably didn’t know about coffee beans is that it’s hard to grow them in America. Coffee beans grow better in specific climates, which is why Brazil is the largest coffee producer on Earth. If you’re looking for coffee grown in America, you don’t have as many options. Most American coffee comes from Hawaii, specifically Maui, as Hawaii is the only state with the climate to grow coffee on a commercial level. However, there are coffee farms in regions of California. And while it may not be a state, Puerto Rico, an American territory, has a thriving coffee industry.

The Most Expensive Coffee

If you ever feel the price of coffee at your local Starbucks or supermarket is too high, be thankful you’re not shopping for the Kopi Luwak coffee, which can run you 600 dollars per pound. Kopi Luwak is an Indonesian coffee harvested from the leavings of an Asian palm civet. These small creatures eat coffee berries and excrete the beans, which have a smooth, full-bodied aroma and taste. However, farming this coffee is difficult because Asian palm civets are quite small and are pretty picky about the coffee berries that they eat.

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