Dr. Sailesh Rao

In this episode, we speak with Dr. Sailesh Rao, environmentalist, animal rights activist and founder of Climate Healers. In this episode, we discuss The Prevent Year Zero Campaign, Dr. Rao’s background as an engineer and how it helped his work. We look at his groundbreaking white paper on Animal Agriculture being the leading cause of climate change, as well as looking at the role of compassion and how it plays a major role in the work we do for others and ourselves.

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So with that being said, enjoy our conversation with Dr. Sailesh Rao on the SoFlo Vegans Podcast.

Topics Discussed with Dr. Sailesh Rao

  • Background as an engineer and his role in developing the internet.
  • Why animal agriculture is the leading cause of climate change.
  • How we can reverse Climate Change if the planet adopts a plant-based lifestyle.
  • What is the tipping point for us reaching our goal of everyone going vegan for the planet?
  • Compassion starting with yourself.
  • How responding with others and stay grounded and compassionate. 
  • The role community plays in the vegan movement.
  • Role as an executive producer for The Human Experiment, Cowspiracy, What the Health, and Prayer for Compassion.
  • Animal Agriculture is the Leading Cause of Climate Change – A White Paper.
  • Addressing the criticism behind the White Paper.
  • The significance behind 2026.
  • Dr. Sailesh Rao shares why he picked 2026.
  • What else can vegans do to make the 2026 goal happen? Take the survey.

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