Dr. Joel Kahn

Dr. Joel Kahn is a practicing cardiologist, and a Clinical Professor of Medicine at Wayne State University School of Medicine. Also joining us for this episode is our media coordinator, Alba Mendez.


Topics Discussed with Dr. Joel Kahn

  • Origin story (becoming vegan)
  • Medical journey to become “America’s Heart Healthy MD)
  • Structures of the heart that get affected (RCA, LAD, Cx., etc.) and what is an MI?
  • The prevalence of cardiac disease in the US
  • Leading causes of heart disease (comorbidities like HTN, diabetes, CHO, etc.)
  • Different types of cholesterol, why is this significant in determining an MI, (higher than 170)
  • Diets high in animal fats and proteins and what do they do in our bodies (not only in the heart but in the arteries of other body parts like the penis)
  • ED one of the first signs of heart disease in males.
  • How significant is family hx for having an MI, or is lifestyle more significant (20% family hx, 80% lifestyle, your family hx loads the gun but your family hx pulls the trigger)
  • What role does a plant-based vegan diet play in the body healing itself like clearing plaque out of arteries 
  • Healing after an intervention (stent, CABG) what is the responsibility of the patient to prevent future heart problems? What is the responsibility of the MD?
  • Why is nutrition still not spoken as a preventative measure?  Many doctors still don’t know much about nutrition and WFPB.  
  • Cost of heart disease on our healthcare system(stents, hospital stay, medications)
  • Monsanto Bayer is now the ones who are making ASA (this might be controversial because we do give ASA during STEMI’s and after interventions and literature states to prevent future MI’s ppl should take ASA every day.)
  • Hospitals do not provide whole food plant-based meals after interventions and open heart sx
  • Your restaurant (we’re bummed we never got to try it)
  • Your books and educating patients and families on prevention and WFPB
  • Future endeavors and plans


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