#NationalDoubleCheeseburgerDay recognizes a food icon savored across the United States. Why not celebrate with double the patty? Today we share the top 6 burger spots in Miami voted by our members! Check out our Directory Page and vote for your favorites!

Discover Local Vegan Burgers

Here are some of the top burger spots in Miami based on your votes. If it doesn’t already come with an extra patty, all you gotta do is ask to make it a double! Become a member today and vote up to 10x each listing every day.

plant theory dbl cheeseburger day

Plant Theory Creative Cuisine

Dedicated to bringing you delicious and nutritious cuisine where every bite counts. Based in South beach.

Planta dbl cheeseburger day


PLANTA was opened with the purpose of creating delicious food that promotes environmental sustainability. Based in South Beach.

love life cafe dbl cheeseburger day

Love Life Cafe

A vegan cafe serving conscious and delicious food. Based in Wynwood.

holi vegan kitchen dbl cheeseburger day

Holi Vegan Kitchen

HOLI Vegan Kitchen & Bar brings you good natural, wholesome foods using the best quality ingredients. Based in Miami/North Miami

sobe vegan dbl cheeseburger day

Sobe Vegan

SoBe Vegan offers a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, burgers, juices, shakes and more. Based in South Beach. 

organic food kings dbl cheeseburger day

Organic Food Kings

Vegan comfort food like no other in the heart of Miami and surrounding areas. Based in Wynwood.

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