Charitable Causes for the Environment

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South Florida

  • Heal the Planet – At Heal the Planet we aim to inspire, empower, and support individuals and organizations working to heal the planet by providing resources, education, and leadership.

United States

  • Our Planet, There’s Too – We are a non-profit animal rights and planet conservation organization, that promotes a new vision for planet Earth and all of the species of beings who live on it: human and non-human animals sharing this planet in peace and harmony.
  • The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation – This award-winning international charity plants fruitful trees in impoverished regions.  

International Causes

  • Animal Aid – Working with UK supermarkets to commit to labeling vegan products.
  • Million Dollar Vegan – Million Dollar Vegan is a non-profit organization that encourages world leaders and individuals to take a vegan pledge to protect their health as well as benefit the planet and animals.
  • Viva! – Founded in 1994, Viva! is behind a number of the biggest animal rights campaigns. 
  • World Animal Protection – Our vision is a world where animals live free from suffering – together we can move the world for animals.


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