In a bit of news that is being called one of the biggest developments in the vegan movement by some, California-based cultivated meat companies, Good Meat and Upside Foods have been approved for sale in the United States. It was announced that the US Department of Agriculture has granted its final approval of its Northern California facilities. 

They received The Grant of Inspection for the facilities which means they meet federal standards for the production of poultry and meat. This was the next step after both companies received USDA approval to label their products “cell-cultivated chicken”.

Uma Valeti, the CEO and Founder of Upside Foods said in a statement

“This approval will fundamentally change how meat makes it to our table. It’s a giant step forward towards a more sustainable future-one that preserves choice and life.”

Both organizations received their [GRAS] generally regarded as safe letter from the Food and Drug Administration back in November.

For those not familiar with the process, Cultivated meat uses a small number of cells that are grown into real meat without the need to slaughter animals.

Sources: VegNews

Cultivated Meat Approved for Sale in the US

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