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Sean Russell
Founder & General Manager
SoFlo Vegans.

What’s New in SoFlo?

Community News

Jonny NoBones Tribute
We were shocked and saddened to hear about the passing of Jonny NoBones. We’ve compiled some content featuring our brief coverage of his restaurant in Fort Lauderdale.

National Headlines

McDonald’s X Beyond Meat Partnership Dubbed ‘Clearest Sign Yet’ That Future of Meat is Plant-Based

It was announced that Beyond Meat will be working with McDonald’s and other popular restaurant chains to introduce a new line of plant-based alternatives.

‘Seaspiracy’: New Netflix Documentary Exposes the Environmental Impact of Seafood

Seaspiracy is the follow-up to Kip Anderson’s 2014 Netflix documentary Cowspiracy, focusing on the challenges facing the world’s oceans.

Vegan Cactus Leather is Coming to H&M

H&M set to feature vegan cactus leather made by Mexican entrepreneurs Adrián López Velarde and Marte Cázarez, and EVO by Fulgar, a bio-based yarn derived from renewable castor oil.

Beyond Meat and Liza Koshy are Giving Away $10,000 to Make School Lunches More Sustainable

The content challenges teachers and students to submit ideas on how to make their schools’ lunchrooms more sustainable.

Wearing Jason Momoa’s New Vegan Sneakers Kind of Makes You a Superhero

Aquaman Jason Momoa is saving the planet with biodegradable vegan sneakers made with algae.

Starbucks Just Launched its First Vegan Protein Box Nationwide

Starbucks is rolling out a new vegan food option, along with Oatly’s oat milk, to most of its locations across the United States.

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New Content


Black Excellence | SoFlo Vegans
SoFlo Vegans spotlights Bad Ass Vegan John Lewis, Torre Washington, Karyn Calabrese, and Dominick Thompson.


Dina’s Vegan Deli and Desserts | Spotlight
Dina shares her story and some delicious behind-the-scenes food prep.


Ninja Street Obstacle Academy | Chronicles
Sean Russell takes an introductory adult class at Ninja Street Obstacle Academy with owner Calle Alexander.

Aguacate Sanctuary of Love | Chronicles
Daney connects with the SoFlo Vegans team to share information about their sanctuary.


Featured Events

Veg Out Plant-Based Dinner
Friday, March 19 | 7 PM – 10 PM
?Veggies never tasted so good! Join Seed Food & Wine for their first in-person event VEG OUT, in partnership with Greater Fort Lauderdale Food & Wine.

SoFlo Vegans Unite
Wednesday, March 24 | 7 PM – 8 PM
Learn more about SoFlo Vegans and how you can get involved why meeting new people in our community.

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