Soflo Vegans Affiliate Program

Businesses working together to help make South Florida a global hotspot for vegans.

Helping South Florida

Our goal is to make South Florida a global hotspot for vegans. We are doing this by building memorable events in all three counties, producing videos and podcasts, and by collaborating with local organizations to provide valuable content for our community. Local businesses can help by becoming a SoFlo Vegans Affiliate.

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Monthly Email blasts to thousands of Plant-based South Floridians.

Weekly Social Media Mentions.

Collaborative Events.

Media Coverage of Select Special Events.

Promotion at the largest plant-based events in South Florida.

Business Spotlight on our podcast (January 2018).

Discount Card program designed to increase foot traffic to your business.

Building South Florida’s premiere plant-based chamber of commerce.

Affordable Marketing

We have a vested interest in seeing all plant-based business owners succeed. We’ve developed a program to provide affordable marketing for the South Florida plant-based business community.

Promotional Packages

We believe in supporting and giving back to local plant-based businesses. For a limited time only, we are offering a promotional package worth $1500, for only $250


Take advantage of this offer before 12/31. Prices will continue to increase as we secure more affiliates through our program. In order for SoFlo Vegans to be successful, we need the full support of the plant-based business community. Your membership will help drive the production of weekly events, articles, ebooks, podcasts, videos and more. We will also donate portions of our proceeds from merchandise sales to local nonprofits.