Transforming your eating habits is only possible with fresh food that doesn’t go bad the moment you come home from the store. You end up frustrated, spending more time and money, reverting to old habits.

People who have recently become vegan may not know how to care for their produce properly. Continue reading to learn how you can keep your fruits fresh for longer!

Ditch the Plastic Bags at the Grocery Store

Plastic produce bags are available to store each item that doesn’t have packaging whenever you go to the store. Customers like to grab these for convenience. Some people even use them to store their fruits in the fridge.

Stay away from using plastic produce bags at the grocery store. They are unfavorable for the Earth and won’t protect your fresh produce. Many fruits need the ventilation that plastic bags can’t provide to stay fresh.

A good alternative is to bring your mesh produce bag to the store. Remember, properly care for your mesh produce bags after each grocery trip so they’re ready for the next outing.

Learn Which Fruits Need Airtight Containers

All fruits aren’t the same. They contain various properties that make them unique. As a result, you must learn how to care for and store each fruit to their needs.

Don’t store fruits that emit ethylene gas in airtight containers. The gas causes the produce to ripen if it becomes trapped inside a container.

Apples, bananas, cantaloupes, peaches, kiwi, grapes, and pears are all examples of ethylene gas-producing fruits. Place these fruits in glass containers with the lid slightly ajar. Doing so will allow the gas to exit the container and keep the fruit fresh for longer.

Other fruits like cherries, cubed mangoes, and strawberries do best when refrigerated in airtight containers. Embrace using glass food containers to ensure you have delectable fruit that lasts.

Give Your Fruits Space

Cluttering fruits on the counter or together in the fridge isn’t a great idea. They need room to breathe. Since fruits that emit ethylene gas need ventilation, make sure they aren’t close to other fruits. Place them on another side of the counter or in a different area of the fridge. Ensure the susceptible fruits are in their necessary airtight containers so the fruit is always fresh and delicious.

Continuing to embrace a healthy vegan lifestyle will make you feel confident about your efforts. Visit a grocery store or farmer’s market for your favorite fresh fruits. Try these helpful tips when you get back home!

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