SoFlo Vegans is selling a wristband inspired by the Vegan Flag. They can be purchased online through our Etsy store or through our Official SoFlo Vegans Shop for $9.99 (on sale for $5 until July 31). In the spirit of the flag itself, our wristbands allow members of the vegan community to showcase their love for animals, health & wellness and the environment. It also makes a great conversation starter.

The Vegan Flag was first adopted by activists on June 9, 2017. It was designed by Israeli designer and vegan activist Gad Hakimi, in cooperation with a group of graphic designers and activists from several countries. The intention was to unite animal rights organizations and groups under one flag.

The colors of the flag represent the connection of humanity to the animals and symbolize their natural habitats. Sea and Air are blue, the land is green and white represents unity. More information about the creation of the flag can be found on the Vegan Flag homepage.

Proceeds from each sale will go directly towards carrying out SoFlo Vegans’ mission of helping South Florida become a global hotspot for veganism. This takes the form of us producing media content showcasing the people, places, and events that make South Florida the perfect staging ground for plant-based businesses, festivals, and innovation.

Purchase on Etsy or in the Official SoFlo Vegans Shop