Few things taste better than that first vegetable harvested from your own garden. It’s incredibly rewarding to grow your own healthy food, but sometimes the crops you want to grow aren’t compatible with your location’s climate. Therefore, many people may choose to build a greenhouse or similar shelter to grow their produce. If you’re wondering what equipment you need for a greenhouse garden, SoFlo Vegans is here to help.

Physical Structure

Naturally, the first thing you need is a greenhouse. Greenhouse kits come in many different sizes, shapes, and styles. Whether you want to build a traditional glass structure or repurpose a shipping container for an innovative shipping container farm, you have options to find what works best for you.

Shelves and Benches

To make up for the lack of floor space, most greenhouse gardens use shelves or benches to vertically fill their greenhouse with plants. It helps to get your plants off the ground, but ensure the surfaces are waterproof to make cleanup easier for you.

Monitoring Equipment

Since you’re curating the ideal atmosphere for your produce to thrive, you want to keep an eye on things. Two of the most important things to monitor are temperature and humidity. Investing in simple monitoring equipment makes it easier to keep your plants healthy.

Drainage and Ventilation

When looking at the equipment you need for a greenhouse garden, you’ll need equipment to control the water and heat. Proper drainage prevents mold buildup from excess moisture and humidity. And ventilation can prevent your greenhouse from getting too hot in the summer and wilting your plants.


One of the most common concerns with indoor gardening is that your plants won’t get enough light to flourish. Installing some grow lights with LED or fluorescent lightbulbs helps ensure your plants remain healthy and active, even if your structure doesn’t get enough sunlight.

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