Welcome, Volunteers!

Thank you for taking an active role in our organization. We provide a combination of volunteer and paid opportunities depending on your volunteer ranking. Please review the following information to learn more about the process.

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Volunteer Levels


Volunteers help our community grow and work directly with restaurants, events, and nonprofits to ensure the continued success of South Florida’s vegan scene.


Captains are official members of the crew. They are featured on the website, get invited to special gatherings, are eligible for paid opportunities, and receive other perks that have yet to be announced. They are also eligible to fill vacant Council Member seats. 

Council Members

This is the governing body of the Volunteer Program. As a collective, they help manage all operations that directly tie to supporting the community. The initial team of 7 is hand-selected by the founder. Subsequent members are voted in by the Council by a majority. Only Captains are eligible for consideration.



Reporters are on camera and social media promoting events, restaurants, and other SoFlo Vegans initiatives. This could be Restaurant Spotlights, going to sanctuaries, going around events giving out postcards, or rewarding our supporters with partner giveaways. We want to build a 24/7 buzz around South Florida where people are posting and tagging SoFlo Vegans with their gear on to be selected for this role. We want reporters to be engaging, have some sort of social media presence, and embody the core values of our organization.

Event Manager

Event Managers work behind the scenes putting campaigns together. If they are managing our booth and receive $15 an hour for working the event to make sure the booth is fully managed. This includes set up and takedown, sales, scheduling breaks and shifts for volunteers, and providing a report for the General Manager within 48 hours of the event’s completion.

Event Volunteers

Event Volunteers work our booth under the direction of our event manager. They can work a total of 4 hours per event with up to 30-minutes for breaks and food. Volunteers can purchase t-shirts at cost.


Producers help behind the scenes with writing, web development, videography, photography, and video editing. They are provided specific branding guidelines and can take on as many projects as they are willing to handle.

Point System

Volunteers receive points for each task they complete. We can come up with a list so people can keep track. This can be entered manually as well as done automatically through a plugin on the website. The Volunteer coordinator keeps tabs on this and is responsible for verifying points after each assignment. The goal is to level up to become a Captain where points are no longer necessary. Captains can also fill Council Member seats.

  • Attend Crew Meeting: 50 per meeting
  • Provide feedback: 75 per submission
  • Event Volunteer: 50 per hour
  • Reporter: 250 per story
  • Social Share: 25 per social share
  • Social Comments: 10 per social post
  • Article: 50-250 per article
  • Videography: 100-250 per session
  • Photography: 100-250 per session
  • Feel free to add more and provide input on the above


Volunteers level up by getting a certain amount of points. The top-level is Captain. Once you become a captain, you become eligible for paid gigs as they become available. This could come from services we offer clients or jobs from my main company, Lesaruss Media. I’m even thinking only Captains can apply for event manager positions.
  1. Volunteer: 0
  2. Volunteer Lv1: 500
  3. Volunteer Lv2: 1,000
  4. Volunteer Lv3: 2,500
  5. Volunteer Lv4: 5,000
  6. Volunteer Lv5: 7,500
  7. Captain: 10,000