On this episode of the SoFlo Vegans Experience, we look at what the state of Florida is doing to preserve the Everglades, Dr. Saliesh Rao shares what motivated him to start the 2026 Project, South Florida vegan bodybuilder stars in a BBC Reality Series, and a major supermarket chain is closing all of its Florida stores. All of this and more, on the SoFlo Vegans Experience. 

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The State of Florida’s Focus on the Environment

The state of Florida is buying 20,000 acres in western Broward County that halts plans to drill for oil in the Everglades. The land was previously owned by Kanter Real Estate that won approval for an exploratory oil well that was opposed by 72 environmental groups and local governments. This purchase protects the Everglades and drinking water for millions of South Floridians.

The price of the purchase is estimated at $16.56 million to $18 million. According to Gov. Ron DeSantis, this will be the largest wetlands acquisition in a decade. This is significant because the Everglades provide habitats for the largest amount of different species in North America.

Since being elected, DeSantis has installed a pro-environment board at the South Florida Water Management District, established a task force to address toxic algae, devoted additional resources to address climate change and increased funding for Everglades restoration. He also appointed respected University of Florida researcher, Thomas Frazer as the state’s first chief science officer.

But it hasn’t been all good news with Governor Desantis receiving a D grade by the Sierra Club for his support for new toll roads that cut through the habitat of panthers and bears and lack of initiatives that reduced the state’s reliance on fossil fuels.

Source: Sun-Sentinel


Dr. Sailesh Rao Shares How He Came Up with the 2026 Project

We recently interviewed legendary environmentalist, Dr. Sailesh Rao, for our SoFlo Vegans Podcast. In the episode, we discussed Animal Agriculture is the leading cause of climate change as well as other topics surrounding the environment and veganism. In this clip, Dr. Rao explains how he came up with the 2026 project.  

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SoFlo Vegan Bodybuilder Appears in BBC Reality Show

South Florida native, Korin Sutton is currently one of five cast members on a new vegan reality series, Vegan Ville. This BBC III series follows five vegans traveling through South Wales, as they try to convert meat-eaters to a plant-based lifestyle. I was able to catch up with Korin over the phone during his 5 am cardio workout to ask him about his experience. 

The other cast mates include a single mom, and actor, food entrepreneur and well-known animal rights activist, Joey Carbstrong. You can check out a series trailer and our full interview with Korin in our show notes, and watch all three episodes of this series on YouTube. 

Source: BBC III

Lucky’s Market

And in a bit of sad news, Lucky’s Market will be closing all of their stores in Florida as of February 12. Only the company’s West Melbourne store will remain open. In South Florida, this impacts their locations in Coral Springs, Oakland Park, and Plantation. This closure will impact 2,500 employees. The cause of these closures is being attributed to Supermarket giant Kroger pulling its support from the chain. They will be having a 25% off merchandise liquidation sales starting Wednesday, January 22, so be sure to stop by to get in some discounted shopping.

FIT Miami Fest

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