Vegan Toolbox

SoFlo Vegans Bundle 

The SoFlo Vegans Bundle provides access to ebooks, courses, and other tools from influencers from the South Florida community. Not only are we offering a surprising collection of vegan items, we are also showcasing these talents on our platform through videos, articles, podcasts and our directory. A portion of the proceeds also go towards supporting local nonprofits.

Participant Details
  • Donate 1-2 offerings to the promotion (course, ebook, etc.)
  • Promote using custom graphics and marketing materials created by our team
  • 50% commission through an affiliate link on each item sold
  • Featured on SoFlo Vegans through podcast, articles, videos, and our digital magazine
How to Purchase
  • Bundles go on sale from January 1 – 11
  • Registration takes place on
  • Our goal is to get over 20 participants to include 1-2 items in our Bundle
  • 10% of proceeds will be used to support nonprofits and sanctuaries in our community
  • Given the tough economic times, we want to make it affordable at $35
Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Magazine
  • Email Newsletter
  • Facebook Group + Page
  • Influencer Promotion
  • Instagram
  • Press Release
  • Podcast
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Participant Registration

Promotion Agreement

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