Video Production

Video Production Services

Thank you for considering using SoFlo Vegans for your video production needs. We currently offer promo video services. Our goal is to offer high-quality affordable services for our partners. Also feel free to return to the services page.

Video Promo Examples

Up to five minutes in length in the style of the videos below. Includes a 60-second version.

Event Recap Examples

60 second recap video for your event. Request a custom rate for any video longer than 60 seconds.

Earn Points

We provide all of our Business Partners with points for each service they purchase. These points are redeemed for discounts and free promotional opportunities. You can check your points on your Partnership Dashboard

Money-Back Guarantee

We stand behind our services with a 100% money-back guarantee. Our goal is to become your exclusive source for marketing and media production.

SoFlo Vegans does so much for the community and they support the vegan businesses throughout south FL. They bring great information about the vegan movement to our community AND they have an amazing podcast with HUGE names, both locally & nationally!

Jacque Tarlton | Plant Chics

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