Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest curates weekly variety boxes of healthy produce and vegan pantry items while making no contact deliveries directly to your door. Every delivery saves at least 10 pounds of food from going to waste and supports the work of local hunger-solving organizations with produce donations. 

Recovered produce is fruits and vegetables that are perfectly good to eat, but would normally get thrown away because of aesthetic imperfections (misshapen or off-color) or logistical problems (when grocery stores over-order produce, they can reject truckloads which would get thrown away).

To date we have recovered 2 million pounds of food, while donating 400 thousand pounds more to local hunger relief programs as part of our mission to end food waste, and eradicate hunger.


Shop like it makes a difference. Get your farm-fresh produce, vegan pantry items, and kitchen staples delivered right to your door with Hungry Harvest and get so much more than groceries. Every Harvest rescues food from going to waste and supports local hunger-solving organizations. Get 50% off with code SOFLO at hungryharvest.net

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W: hungryharvest.net
E: [email protected]
P: (410) 807-3261

Founded: May 2014
CEO & Co-Founder: Evan Lutz
Headquarters: City Garage, Baltimore
Parent Company: Hungry Harvest
Sponsor: (6) Podcast Sponsorships

Hungry Harvest