Living in Florida, you know it could rain heavily one second and be blistering hot the next. This rain could benefit or harm a plant’s overall health. Water and healthy soil are essential to ensuring your plants thrive, but the water it receives is key. Receiving too much rainwater can drown your garden and damage your plants, which is something you don’t want!

Gardeners and farmers alike must balance too much and too little rain. If you’re having trouble tending to your garden during the rainy season, here’s how to save your garden from heavy rainfall to ensure a healthy garden and fruitful harvest!

Stake Your Plants

Staking your plants is a great way to make sure the plant’s stem does not break during a storm or a day with strong winds. It’s important to keep up with the weather to prepare yourself for staking each plant before the rainfall hits. To stake your plants, you want to drive your stakes into the soil next to your plant and use ties to attach the stem to the stake.

Quick Tip: Your stake should be taller than the plant to prevent the stem from bending or breaking as the plant grows.

Have a Drainage System

Many gardeners face drainage issues after heavy rainfall. There could be many reasons you face drainage issues; however, you can create a runoff slope to help drain excess water. A good drainage system will prevent water from pooling in your garden and drowning plants.

Cover Your Plants With Buckets

A great way to save your garden from heavy rainfall is to cover your plants with buckets before the storm. Flip the bucket upside down to cover the plant and anchor it with rocks or string to ensure it stays in place. The rain will glide right off the bucket, protecting your plants from harsh winds and rain.

Quick Tip: Make sure the bucket or pot is taller than the plant. If not, you could potentially damage or kill the plant.

Keep your plants safe by protecting them from heavy rain and harsh winds. There’s nothing worse than seeing the garden you’ve worked so hard on ruined by excess water. Use our tips to ensure a great harvest season. Happy gardening!