Did you know that as of 2022, nearly one-third of Americans are ready to embrace a plant-based diet? This is a great step for the vegan community!

If you’re a SoFlo resident looking to go vegan in 2022, this article outlines where to find a vegan community – and why you need one.

Go Vegan in 2022

With the help of movements like Veganuary, veganism is becoming more and more of a household name – and is easier than ever to commit to.

But that doesn’t mean a bit of support along the way isn’t important. Committing to a plant-based diet and/or a vegan lifestyle can be a big adjustment for many of us, which is where the importance of a vegan community steps in.

Why You Need a Vegan Community

If you’re planning to go vegan in 2022, or are interested in looking further into a plant-based diet, it helps to have a bit of support and know-how from those already rocking it, right?

A vegan community can give you all the best pointers if you’re going straight from an omnivore diet to a plant-based diet, or perhaps just making the shift from vegetarianism to veganism. They can provide advice on days where veganism might feel like a struggle, and if you have any cravings (which doesn’t happen to all newly appointed vegans).

They can also write you up a grocery list of all the best products to start your vegan journey with – oh, and they know all the best vegan restaurants!

Enjoying a Plant-Based Diet & How to Find Your Vegan Community

So, how to get started with seeking out your own vegan community to help you on your own vegan journey?

Well, firstly, get online. You can learn more about the benefits of veganism in terms of our health, the environment, animal advocacy, and spreading compassion by listening to and engaging with online vegan communities and podcasts.

If that doesn’t turn you on and you prefer something more face-to-face – no problem. You can find your vegan kindred spirits at live events such as vegan farmers’ markets, vegan festivals, vegan restaurants, and so on.

With the ever-growing number of Americans joining the vegan revolution, it’s safe to say your vegan community is out there waiting to meet you!

Still on the fence about the benefits of veganism? Trust us – there are more than a few!

The Benefits of a Vegan Community

Choosing to go vegan will benefit your health, animals, and the environment – and it’s certainly something you won’t feel alone in! The vegan community is getting bigger each year, and so you will have no trouble finding a troop of like-minded vegan kindred spirits!

No matter where you are in your vegan journey, there will be ample other souls who are in exactly the same place as you and you can lean on each other for support, cooking tips, vegan wine tips, great vegan events you can both attend – and so much more.

The vegan community is generally very welcoming and for the most part, non-judgemental. Think of it like this: the vegan revolution is just grateful for another recruit!

The good news is you can find a local vegan community to hang out with (vegan potluck, anyone?!) and with the wonders of the world wide web, you can double that community by having a presence within the vegan online community. This can be perfect for the shy vegan to get comfortable with perhaps meeting other members of the vegan community in real life.

Things to Talk About with Fellow Vegans


Naturally, a HUGE part of being vegan is what you eat, which for many, can take some time to adjust to. If it’s taking you a little longer for your palate to adjust to a plant-based diet, it can be a great topic of conversation to more seasoned vegans (excuse the terrible pun!) as to some of the recipes they rely on to create great-tasting vegan meals. This can also include them pointing you in the direction of online food blogs and websites that have an interactive community, which is another way to boost your vegan community width!

Local Vegan Events

This can be great if you’re new to an area and you’re looking to make friends with your fellow vegan comrades. This can include finding out where the best vegan restaurants/take-outs are, local farmer’s markets, festivals, etc. These events are not only super fun (and usually involve getting to eat lots of delicious food), but you will also realize how vast and colorful the vegan community is.

You can find vegan events in southern Florida here.

Vegan Charities

One of the many reasons why people adopt a vegan lifestyle or plant-based diet is for ethical reasons. Veganism means boycotting companies and practices that are cruel to animals and destructive to the planet, and there are many charities (such as PETA and VIVA!) that are designed to support and educate people into adopting a cruelty-free way of life. Many vegans like to donate, volunteer, and/or create charity events to raise money for the cause, so if you chose to become vegan for reasons that aren’t specifically to do with diet, then getting involved with these charities will absolutely ensure you’re in the company of like-minded individuals.

Causes You Believe In

This can be similar to getting involved with charities, but it can also be a good conversation starter with other vegans in your community. This can be as simple as discussing the “adopt, don’t shop” movement, which is perfect if you’re thinking of adding a furry friend to your family – your vegan community will be able to point you in the direction of all the animal rescue centers in your area.

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How to Navigate Relationships with Non-Vegans

Many of us vegans have to deal with the fact that we’re the only vegan in our family/friendship group (which is all the more reason to find your vegan community), and know only too well that it can be a source of conflict or even isolation (Thanksgiving meals being a day of dread for many of us!), so talking with other vegans about how they keep the peace with the people in their lives who “don’t get” veganism can be useful. They may even have a few pointers on how to gently coax your relatives into at least considering going vegan!

Vegan Dating

So, you’re a vegan and you meet the love of your life, and guess what? They’re not! Not quite the Shakespearean eloquence of Romeo & Juliet, but definitely a common tale of modern-day star-crossed lovers!

Dating is certainly a minefield at the best of times, so talking about it with the other folks in your vegan community will at least make you feel less alone with it. And who knows… you may even meet your soulmate within your vegan community!

Veganism and Your Kids

Veggies – the one thing a kid either loves or loathes! If you’re trying to get your kids into adopting a more plant-based diet or vegan way of life, talking with your vegan community will help you on your quest! This can be anything from ways to talk about why veganism is important (without going into the grisly details) as well as meals and local restaurants that create delicious vegan food for kids.

While discussing with your kids the horrors of slaughterhouses and what happens in factory farms may be a conversation for when they’re a bit older, teaching kids the importance of looking after our health, animals, and the environment is super important – and kids are never too young to go green!

Your Favorite Ethical Brands

We should all not only be using more ethical brands for foods, products, and clothing, etc, but we also need to be more vocal about what brands are acting as ethically as they can’t, and who still has a long way to go. A huge (and arguably the least talked about) part of veganism is being mindful of our consumerism, and talking to other vegans within your community can help point you in the direction of more ethical consumption.

Want to Get Started on Your Vegan Journey?

A great place to start your vegan journey is right here!

Here at SoFlo Vegans, we began our own vegan journey back in 2017 with the purpose of helping YOU find your vegan community. How did we do that? We created our own vegan community, of course.

SoFlo Vegans is designed to serve the South Florida community through media content, live events, and by providing logistical and promotional support for local small businesses and non-profits. Becoming a member will help us continue our mission of making South Florida a global hotspot for veganism – and will create a great vegan community for you to enjoy!

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