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Popular vegan and veg-friendly restaurants in South Florida. Click the button below to see a combined directory featuring all Vegan Businesses in Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach County.

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Miami Dade
Miami-Dade County

Vegan and Veg-Friendly restaurants in Miami-Dade.

Broward County

Vegan and Veg-Friendly restaurants in Broward.

Palm Beach
Palm Beach County

Vegan and Veg-Friendly restaurants in Palm Beach County.


Find a complete listing of local vegan bakeries that offer vegan baked goods.

Food Truck
Food Trucks

The following are food trucks in South Florida that offer vegan items.

Juice Bar
Juice Bars

Find a list of vegan and veg-friendly juice bars in South Florida.


Farmers Markets and Supermarkets

Puddin Me On

The following are vegan products and services only found at farmers’ markets and at vegan events.

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Juice Mafia
Juice Mafia

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