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Council Meeting Agenda

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Goals Progress

What's New?

Mobile Application

  • Check out our brand new mobile application.
  • You can now have quicker access to our resources to promote SoFlo Vegans.
  • Download for Apple or Android Devices.

Find Vegan Jobs

  • We developed a job board in response to businesses looking for qualified employees.
  • As a registered Council Member, you can post your resume directly to our site. 

Events Calendar

  • Over a dozen new events are listed on the site.
  • Post your events directly to our calendar pending approval.
  • Looking for a Web Producer to help keep events updated.

Marketing Report | February 2021

  • Take a behind-the-scenes look at SoFlo Vegans’ progress.

Community Bulletin for March 4, 2021

  • This update is for the general public and covers new SoFlo Vegans content, national news headlines, and local events.

Action Items

  • Use the Support Page to follow us on all of the social channels to help increase our reach.
  • Take actions throughout the week to help grow all platforms
  • Choose at least one campaign manager or producer position to support SoFlo Vegans
  • Our in-person meeting is scheduled for March 29 at 7 PM (location TBD)

Please Review and Choose a Role

Consider taking a leadership position in one of our many events. You will receive support from the Lesaruss Media team to complete each task. Expect to dedicate between 5-10 hours a week for each position.


Click to read each overview to see which opportunity is right for you. Each campaign can have up to two managers. You can sign-up for more than one campaign. Just allot between 5-10 hours per week to volunteer your gifts.


SoFlo Vegans Pop-Up

  • Campaign Manager: TBD
  • Read Overview
  • Tentative Launch: March 27, 2021

Scavenger Hunt

  • Campaign Manager: TBD
  • Read Overview
  • Tentative Launch April 3, 2021

Plant-Based Showcase

  • Campaign Manager: TBD
  • Read Overview
  • Tentative Launch April 13, 2021

SoFlo Vegans Digest

  • Campaign Manager: TBD
  • Read Overview
  • Tentative Launch: April 24, 2021

Being Vegan in South Florida

  • Campaign Manager: TBD
  • Read Overview
  • Tentative Launch: July 01, 2021


Help manage various productions by coordinating and producing content.

SoFlo Vegans Podcast

SoFlo Vegans Spotlight

  • Producer(s): Gabby J, Louda Gomez
  • Read Overview
  • Release: Every Tuesday, Friday

SoFlo Vegans Chronicles

SoFlo Vegans LIVE


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Campaign Manager


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