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Memberships allow SoFlo Vegans to produce content, events, and programs designed to make South Florida a global hotspot for veganism.
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Prize Drawings

Weekly Prize Drawing

Automatic entry into our weekly prize drawing featuring local vegan business partners supporting our community.

SoFlo Vegans UNITE

SoFlo Vegans UNITE

Discounts and free tickets to attend our monthly SoFlo Vegans UNITE event held at the History Fort Lauderdale Museum.



Access to our Pre-Vegans program featuring inspirational stories from popular voices in the Vegan community.

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NARD 2021

March for Lolita 2021


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did we create CLUB Memberships?

Since launching in 2017, we’ve invested over 100K in research in development to support the vegan community. Each year we continue to grow as an organization, subsequently increasing our overhead costs. We’ve reached a point where we get to secure a full-time staff and cover overhead costs in order to continue scaling our operations and reach our goal of making South Florida a global hotspot for vegans.

How will funding be used?

The following are ways funding will be utilized.

  • Hire a full-time staff to manage day-to-day operations and help grow the organization.
  • Fund our daily videos, podcasts, and digital marketing.
  • Support non-profit organizations and family businesses with free marketing and promotion.
  • Cover costs that continue to increase as we rise in popularity.
How does voting work in the Directory?
Members can vote for directory listings. This gives these businesses an opportunity for increased visibility in social posts, newsletters, magazines, and our end-of-the-year awards. Depending on your membership level, you have a certain allotment of votes per listing each day. You can access the directory through our website or mobile application.
  • Platinum: 25 votes
  • Gold: 10 votes
  • Silver: 1 vote
What kind of special discounts and promotions can we expect?
  • Members receive emails with special offers, coupons, and product giveaways from SoFlo Vegans and our partners.
  • Discounts may include tickets to SoFlo Vegans and partner events.
  • Free giveaways exclusive to card-carrying members.
  • First access to purchase tickets to events.
  • Early-access to new programs and online projects.
What is included in the SoFlo Vegans Vault?

The Vault houses new and archived content produced by SoFlo Vegans. The following are the current offerings found in the vault.

  • Chronicles – Video showcase of different restaurants, events, and people around South Florida.
  • Experience – A video news show hosted by Sean Russell that aired back in 2020.
  • SoFlo Vegans EXPO – Access video versions of your favorite SoFlo Vegans Podcast episodes.
  • SoFlo Vegans Podcast – Listen to full episodes of the podcast weeks before they are released to the general public.
  • Pre-Vegans – A book and video series showcasing vegan origin stories from popular experts, doctors, and personalities in the plant-based world.
  • Spotlight – A combination of videos, written articles, and other media showcasing veg-friendly people, places, and events from around South Florida and the world.

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