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Community Bulletin for March 4, 2021

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  • Members wearing SoFlo Vegans gear get exclusive discounts and promotions at your business.
  • Designed to increase foot traffic for your business and increase merchandise sales for SoFlo Vegans.
  • Participants receive two stories on FB and IG every month you offer a promotion.
  • Promotions can change from week to week.
  • Promotion lives on our mobile app and promotions page on the dashboard for ongoing promotion.
  • No cost to participate for registered partners.
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Pop-up at FTL ArtWalk

  • Opportunities include providing inserts for tote bags starting at $1 per insert
  • Providing giveaways and coupons to hand out through our Prize Wheel
  • Sponsorship of Plant-Based Showcase happening during the 6-11 PM timeslot
  • Takes place on the last Saturday of the month
  • Opportunities starts at $250
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  • Utilize media production and marketing services from our team of talented producers.
  • All clients receive additional promotions through SoFlo Vegans.
  • Services include Social Media Packages, Web Management, Graphic Design, Video Production, and Contactless Ordering.
  • Explore all available services.
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