Do you have a vegan in your life? Are you constantly wondering what to get for them during the holidays? You have a basic understanding of what not to get them, but what could you get for them instead? Well, you’ve arrived at the right article to give you 7-holiday gift ideas to get for your compassionate B.F.F.!


1. Gift Certificate to their favorite local restaurant

Between saving the animals and trying to educate others on the awesomeness of veganism, your herbivorous pal needs to refuel and recharge somehow, right? Why not treat them to their favorite vegan restaurant? It’s a win-win whichever way you slice it! Finding vegan restaurants in the area is super easy thanks to the help of Google, Yelp, or Hopefully, you will be invited to partake in delicious vegan grub with them and actually see for yourself how easy it is to become vegan!

South Florida vegan/vegan-friendly restaurants.

Manna Life Food

2. Cruelty – Free Cologne/Perfume

Smelling good is important, right? Well, unfortunately, many well-known brands test on animals and most people don’t even realize it! Luckily, you can be a hippie and smell great too! Bath & Body Works and Herban Cowboy are just a couple of brands that do not test on animals. Be sure to research which brands do and do not test on animals. Check out YouTube,, and Pinterest if you need the 411 on awesome cruelty-free companies.

Cruelty-free colognes and perfumes.

Vegan Fragrances

3. Cruelty – Free Make-up/Shaving Gift Bag

Do you have that one vegan friend that is obsessed with make-up? Or just likes to be well-groomed? Well, brush up on the facts! Besides having harsh chemicals and not always being cool and cruelty-free, make-up and shaving products can sometimes tricky to navigate. Similar to colognes and perfumes, research is imperative and essential to helping that S.O.S. vegan contour and tape up or shave off #likeaboss! and will be a major resource guide! Pacific Shaving Co. and Kat von D are great brands to start with!

Cruelty-free and vegan cosmetic brands.

Vegan Cosmetics

4. Vegan or Plant-Based Movie Gift Bag

Here’s a great idea for the vegan movie buff in your life! Buy them their all-time favorite movie or documentary relating to veganism, animal-rights, or plant-based health and turn it into a gift bag! Include vegan popcorn, wine, and or vegan sweets! Are you ready for Cowspiracy and chill? When it comes to grabbing food and snacks make sure to carefully read the ingredients and triple-check with the help of Google and phone apps that are able to recognize non-vegan and vegan ingredients.

Vegan movies and documentaries.

Movie Gift Pack

5. Plant-based Gym Gear Gift Bag

Ok…so we all have that gym-rat friend who is constantly suggesting that you lay off the So Delicious Salted Carmel Crunch ice cream (I can’t help it, ok!) and Gardein hot pockets, right? Here’s a gift idea just for them! Grab a couple samples of vegan protein powders (check your local health food store to see if they have samples you can acquire for less than a full container of protein powder), a rad looking gym bag, a couple of plant-based protein bars (check or your local grocery store) and dope vegan gym shirts! Do you even lift bro? Yeah, I lift people’s spirits! Feel me?

Gym Vegan Pack

6. Kitchen gadgets

Here’s a neat idea for the sous vegan chef in your life! Find a couple of kitchen gadgets that are geared towards fruits and vegetables and watch your friend whip up a masterpiece in the kitchen! Move over Ramsey Gordon!

Kitchen Gadgets

7. Cookbooks/Plant-based Literature

Last but not least, a great gift idea for the vegan bookworm in your life would be a new vegan cookbook to add to their collection! There’s no shortage of pages filled with awesome, delicious, and healthy foods. If cookbooks are not their thing, then perhaps plant-based literature will spark their interest, from The China Study by T. Colin Campbell to How Not to Die by Dr. Michael Greger

Plant-based cookbooks.

Vegan Cookbooks